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Marriage Certificate Attestation in Delhi: A Comprehensive Guide


Marriage is considered to be the most holy bond of love and loyalty between two adult individuals. Nowadays, several pairs decide to go to overseas countries and settle for several purposes like- job, further education, or for upgraded lifestyle. For such reasons a couple need to go through a process termed as Marriage certificate attestation. This is a legal procedure which involves authenticating and validating the marriage certificate. Getting your marriage certificate attested & making it approved for travelling abroad is considered to be the most important step that needs to be followed for several reasons like-

  • Applying for visa
  • Sponsorship
  • Family reunification
  • In this article you will get to know all the steps involved in getting completion of your marriage certificate attestation in Delhi (Capital city of India) as it is the most easily reachable and state where every country has its embassy. Understanding Marriage Certificate Attestation:

    Marriage certificate attestation is considered to be the most important process that is required to be followed before a married couple plans to relocate to distant countries. Before that you should know everything regarding Marriage certificate attestation in India. You should also have a clear knowledge about the marriage certificate attestation cost in India to discretely give shape to your plans. for a hassle-free experience.

    Marriage certificate is the most important document in entire process wherein this document that was issued by the elected personnel or department at the time of your marriage is verified and authenticated further to prove its legitimacy. You will have to approach the below mentioned authorities for marriage certificate attestation in India-
  • Concerned government departments
  • Ministries
  • Consulates of the country being visited.
  • Reliable Consultants who are efficient enough to get it done with comfort of you sitting at home.

  • The process of marriage certificate attestation in Delhi makes sure that your marriage certificate in legal, verified, authentic, and is well accepted in the global countries.

    Purpose of Marriage Certificate Attestation:

    Visa Application: When you are planning to settle to global countries a marriage certificate attestation is a mandate when putting your application for visa purposes like relocation, job, or higher education. The marriage certificate attestation makes your document verified further helping in proving your legally defined marital state along with setting up the legal relation within both Male & Female.

    Family Reunification: If you are already settled in abroad and now want to bring your husband or wife to join and stay with you then it is a mandatory process to get your marriage certificate attestation done before starting your journey. This enables the authorities involved in the immigration procedure to identify the genuineness of your marriage and also helps your better half to put application for a dependent visa.

    Sponsorship: in a few situations, a spouse already staying in abroad wants to sponsor the visa or residency application of their better half. In this case, marriage certificate attestation is a crucial and compulsory process to be followed in order to get the validation of their marriage and acceptability for the sponsorship.

    Legal Documentation: In addition to the above listed reasons another important purpose for getting your marriage certificate attestation done may be-
  • Certain legal purposes
  • Opening a bank account in both the spouse’s name
  • Buying any land or property
  • Claiming spousal advantages

  • Process of Marriage Certificate Attestation in Delhi:

    In order to get done your marriage certificate attestation in Delhi you need to follow few steps. Read the below mentioned steps and follow them carefully for a smooth and fast track marriage certificate attestation in India-

    Step 1: Notary Attestation

    Getting notary attestation is the primary stage involved in the process of marriage certificate attestation in India. For this you can contact your local notary office in Delhi or a Reliable Consultant. For doing this you need to carry the documents like- original copy of your marriage certificate along with a photocopy of the same. Next, the documents will be scrutinized and verified by your notary officer and then a stamp and seal will be placed on your documents, thus proving its genuineness.

    Step 2: Home Department Attestation

    After your documents have been stamped and sealed from the notary officer, next you need to approach Home Department or General Administration Department (GAD) of your state for their attestation either directly or through some reliable consultants. For marriage certificate attestation in Delhi, you will have to approach the Home Department, as they are the one to give you the further clearance. Here you need to submit the verified and sealed documents from the notary officer along with another copy, the document proving your local address, and few other relevant documents as required by the Home Department. Following this, the authorized official will start their verification process and then provide further seal and attestation on your documents.

    Step 3: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation Next in the process comes the attestation by the MEA in Delhi where you can visit the local office or the authorized center of the MEA for further attestation. Here you will need to submit the notary official’s and Home Department’s (State home department) attested documents, photocopies of the same, copies of passports of each of the spouse, and the marriage certificate attestation charge in India. MEA’s job is to further carry out their verification process and provide the required Sticker for attestation.

    Step 4: Embassy/Consulate Attestation

    The last stage of the marriage certificate attestation in India is to get the documents attested by the Embassy or Consulate of the country you are planning to visit. As for example if you are planning to relocate to Saudi Arabia then you need to visit the country authorized marriage certificate attestation Saudi embassy in India. Approach this concerned embassy or consulate with the following documents-
  • Original and a photocopy of the marriage certificate that is already attested
  • Copy of passports of both husband and wife
  • Any other relevant documents as required by the embassy or consulate
  • The embassy or the consulate will carry out its own process of verification of the genuineness of your documents and place required sticker of attestation on it.

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