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MOFA Attestation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA attestation is the final step of the attestation process. Any documents which are required to be attested by MOFA should have been first authenticated by a relevant state department, Ministry of External Affairs or MEA and the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

It is important to know that the MOFA doesn't attest the genuineness of your documents and certificates and thereby doesn't take responsibility of its content. You should make sure whether the content of such documents or certificates is correct before presenting getting them attested by MOFA.

MOFA verifies the following documents


Educational Documents

• Degree Certificate
• PG Degree Certificate
• Diploma Certificate
• BE Certificate
• Nursing Certificate
• SSC Certificate
• Inter Certificate
• HSC Certificate
• MBBS Certificate
• MD Certificate
• Dentists Certificate
• Transcript Certificate
• Pharmacy Certificate
• MS Certificate
• Mark Sheets
• Engineering Certificate

Non-Educational Documents

• Salary Certificate
• Equivalence Certificate
• Transfer Certificate (TC)
• Death Certificate
• Birth Certificate
• Experience/ Employment Certificate
• Marriage Certificate Attestation
• Divorce Certificate
• Medical Certificate
• Single Status Certificate

Commercial Documents

• Export Invoice
• Power of Attorney
• Packaging List
• Certificate of Origin
• Chemical Analysis Report
• Physical Analysis Report
• Certificate of Incorporation



MOFA Attestation Fees / Charges:
MOFA Attestation costs may vary depending on your requirements somewhere between ₹1575 to ₹2250 per page. Although several companies are offering attestation of your documents and certificates by the MOFA, we guarantee the lowest prices in the market. To get more economical price for the bunch of your documents requiring MOFA attestation, contact us at Services@EmbassyDocuments.com.

MOFA Attestation Procedure / Process:
MOFA attestation / apostille , or Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, is the process of getting a document duly legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that in which it was issued. This particular process is mandatorily required for most of the documents, such as educational certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and commercial documents.

The MOFA attestation process varies from country to country, but the general steps are as follows:

1. Get the document be thoroughly legalized by the relevant authorities in the country where it is issued. This may involve different steps depending on the type of document. For example, educational certificates may need to be attested by the Ministry of Education, SDM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while commercial documents may need to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2. Get the document be legalized by the embassy or consulate of the country in which it will be used. This involves having the embassy or consulate stamp and sign on the document. 3. Get the document attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which it will be used. This involves having the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp and sign on the document.

MOFA Document Attestation Requirements:
The document must be original or a certified true copy.
The document must be signed and stamped by the relevant authorities in the country of issue.
The document must be legalized by the embassy or consulate of the country in which it will be used.
The document must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which it will be used.


What is MOFA agreement?
In the year 1963 the MOFA was passed. This agreement manages the sale management and ownership of flats in the state of Maharashtra. MOFA is among the several other policies that are used in the real estate division of the state of Maharashtra. In the state this MOFA aids in putting down all the duties and responsibilities of the both the parties involved in the agreement i.e. the customer and the real estate developers.

How many days it will take to get MOFA number?
In Bangalore UAE MOFA attestation is among the few other regular actions which require around 12 to 15 working days. But this duration may depend from time to time. The commercial documents may require around 7-10 working days whereas the documents for educational purpose will require a minimum time of 15 working days.

Is MOFA attestation necessary?
You will not get a resident visa without MOFA attestation. While applying for Family Visa, It is essential to take MOFA attestation. You will need to get the MOFA attestation once all other required important attestation processes have been completed successfully from the respective nation.

What is MOFA stamp?
When a candidate is applying for a resident visa, permit for work, and higher studies in any nation then he or she will require a MOFA attestation. The MOFA attestation stamp is given on the posterior side of any document which indicates its authenticity for using it any of the gulf countries where the candidate has applied for.

How can I get appointment for MOFA?
There are few steps involved in getting the MOFA Appointment for Documents Attestation online that are stated below-
1. 1st step: click on the MOFA Website and follow the steps and put in your details. Follow the Link https://services.mofa.gov.sa/ratification.
2. 2nd step: put in the details of the documents for which the MOFA registration is applied for. MOFA online appointment for documentation.

What is the purpose of MOFA?
Main purpose of MOFA is-:
-To apply for higher studies after graduation in resident country.
. To work in some company located outside the resident country
. When an applicant is planning to shift to other country outside his resident country.
- When a person or his family are planning to get a VISA in some other country.

Is MOFA attestation mandatory for UAE visa?
In the UAE, a candidate will require the MOFA Attestation for appealing for a Resident permit through a department in Government known as Labour Ministry in UAE. Foreign Ministry Attestation is mandatory to get a family Visa in UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain like other Gulf countries.

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