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Degree Certificate Apostille in Delhi

Degree Certificate Apostille in Delhi, India



Degree Certificate apostille in India is considered to be the most important part for a person who is looking for chances of higher education or job in the overseas countries. Getting the apostille for an individual’s degree certificate is also required in case of migration to other international countries. Before travelling to abroad your documents need to undergo certain steps for authentication which helps in verifying the genuineness of your documents given in a country thus making it fit and lawful to be used in another nation which is a signatory to the Hague Convention.


If you are searching to find someone who is specialized in degree certificate apostille in Delhi, then continue reading this blog which will guide you with the complete procedure required to get your certificate attestation in India.


Step 1: Understand the Apostille Process


First you should have a clear knowledge about the entire degree certificate attestation procedure in India. A global treaty named as the Hague Convention forms the rules and regulations applicable for apostille certification. The authorized and elected power of giving apostille in India is the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA.


Step 2: Verification of Degree Certificate


Begin your procedure for degree certificate attestation in India with ensuring the authentication of your certificates. For this you can contact your university or educational organizations as majority of them have a separate division or controller of examinations that gives the required authorization. The certificates should contain the sign and seal of the certified and authoritative staff.


Step 3: HRD Attestation (if required)


For few selective countries, you might require another attestation from Human Resource Development or HRD also along with getting apostilles. The dedicated HRD division of the state will be giving these attestations. Please note that there are few countries that require this additional attestation- HRD attestation. The HRD attestation is not applicable for all international countries. Hence, you should have a clear knowledge about the particular necessities of the country you are planning to visit for your purpose.


Step 4: MEA Attestation


Below mentioned are the steps of getting your degree certificate apostille in India-

  • First you should get your documents verified and get it authenticated by your respective university or educational organization
  • Approach the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA situated in Delhi for getting your certificates attested finally, depending on the country being visited

Please note that degree certificate apostille in Delhi is only done by the MEA- who holds the authority to issue attestation to each kind of documents like degree certificates.


For getting your degree certificate attestation in India, you need to approach a good Consultant company that will ease your time and save your money and unnecessary complications in the process or else visit the Regional Authentication Centre (RAC) situated at New Delhi and follow the steps that are mentioned below-

  • Produce your original degree certificate for attestation
  • A photocopy of your degree certificate
  • An application form duly and carefully filled
  • Pay the necessary degree attestation cost in India at respective embassy

Once the above procedures are fulfilled carefully then your documents will be processed for attestation and when your documents are attested then you can collect the attested documents from the respective department or the embassy.


Step 5: Embassy/Consulate Attestation (if required)


A few countries require attestation from the Embassy or consulate in addition to the degree certificate Apostille.  In this case the applicant needs to submit his or her degree certificates to the concerned embassy or consulate for further authentication and approval, as required. Please verify carefully about the attestation of embassy or consulate based on the particular necessities of the country being visited by you.




Getting your degree certificate apostille in India is a very important part before you start your journey to abroad. The steps involved in this process are simple and less time consuming if followed carefully. We have mentioned all the steps involved so by following them you can easily get your degree certificate verified and legalized before visiting the international nation. There are few reliable and authentic agencies that will help you in getting your degree certificate apostille in Delhi. You can take help from such agencies and get all the necessary processes done in advance to avoid last minute hassles.


It should be noted that the length of the process of getting degree certificate attestation done will depend on the country being visited. So, it is very important that you go through the entire list and steps of requirements of that particular country before proceeding. You can also take help from the concerned departments in this case to make the process of acquiring the degree certificate apostille smoothly and on a fast track basis.

We wish you a good luck for your global endeavor!

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