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Before you start planning to go abroad, you need to get a travel pass known as Visa. This will help you to explore your international destination hassle free & make your trip smooth. Whether you are seeking employment abroad or going on a vacation with your family, getting a Visa is a must.

Some of the most requested VISA by Indians:
• Singapore
• Thailand
• UK
• Schengen
• Indonesia
• Switzerland
• France
• Australia

Visa Cost:

Visa assistance services charges may vary depending on your requirements. Although there several companies offering visa application assistance for different visa types, we guarantee the lowest prices in the market.

To get the complete information on the price of our travel visa assistance, student visa assistance, business visa assistance & work visa assistance services, contact us at services@embassydocuments.com.

Visa Process:

Each country provides Visas according to the purpose of the visit, which can be broadly categorized into –
1. Visitor Visa
2. Student Visa
3. Business Visa
4. Work Visa

Our experienced team is always on their toes, with any changes in VISA documentation, VISA fees and other visa application assistance topics for all countries; so that our Clients can get the best possible visa assistance services in the market today.

We understand that most people are not familiar with the VISA process. This is exactly where we can help you by organizing and managing the required documents needed for the VISA process through our renowned Visa application assistance services. .

Visa Requirements

Here is the general list of documents required for the VISA process is mentioned below -
• An original copy of your Passport having a minimum validity of 6 months from the day you submit your VISA application.
• Two recent Passport size photographs.
• Proof of Residence – This may include a copy of your Aadhar Card or Utility Bill like Water Bill, Electricity Bill etc.
• Proof of Employment – Certificate from your current Company stating that you are employed here.
• Proof of your Financial Soundness – A copy of your Bank Statement for the past year along with Tax returns filed by you. These documents may vary according to every country's rules and regulations.
• Other Document may include - Original covering letter including the purpose of the visit in the country, date of travel, no. of passengers, Travel itinerary, place of stay in the country.

We aim to offer reliable and timely visa services to our clients. No matter what your visa assistance and assurance requirement is, we are always there to assist you.

At Embassy Documents Attestation Services, you get to avail complete visa services relating to Visa assistance. The company has a team of specialists who are well- acquainted with the process of all kind of visa assistance services. Apart from visa assistance, here you get to avail many other certified attestation services including, Embassy Attestation and much more. For any other information on visa assistance services, feel free to contact us at services@embassydocuments.com

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