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Chamber of Commerce Attestation

For a company to sell internationally, attestation of chamber of commerce of its commercial documents is required. Export Documents like a certificate of origin, packing list, commercial invoice or phytosanitary certificate need to be attested.

If your company is also opening a branch in a foreign company, power of attorney, memorandum of association and board resolution will also be required to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

The requirements of document attestation are picking up its pace in all business spheres. If you are into any kind of commercial practices in India and intend to export goods to any foreign territory, you are first required to get the commercial documents attested.

Reasons to get Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

• For a company to open a foreign branch
• To give authority for the sale of a property (Power of Attorney Attestation)
• To open a bank account in another country
• For a company to enhance its foreign trade or sell abroad

Chamber of Commerce Attestation fees:

Chamber of Commerce attestation charges may vary depending on your requirements. Although there several companies offering attestation of your company's commercial documents and certificates from the chamber of commerce, we guarantee the lowest prices in the market. To get the complete on the price of getting your documents attested from the chamber of commerce, contact us at services@embassydocuments.com.

Import-export Procedure relating to Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

Attestation from the chamber of commerce is the first step followed by attestation from different government bodies like MEA, MOFA, MEA (Apostille) and finally the destination country's embassy or consulate

Documents required for export and import:

Here is the list of commercial documents for which attestation from chamber of commerce for the purpose of import and export is needed:
• Power of Attorney
• Memorandum of Articles
• Articles of Associations
• Certificate of Incorporation
• Board Resolution
• Company Profile
• Agency Agreement
• Bill of Lading
• Certificate of Origin
• Commercial Invoice
• Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate
• Packaging List
• Shipping Bill
• Certificate of Conformity
• Phytosanitary
• Health Certificate
• Balance Sheets
• Bank Statement
• Audit Report
• Company Master Data
• Any other all Indian Commercial Document

If you are also looking for any certified service provider in the field of commercial documents attestation or any apostille services, Embassy Documents may be the one-stop solution for you. We are a certified and distinguished service provider in the field of document attestation/apostille services.

At Embassy Documents Attestation Services, you get to avail complete certificate attestation services regarding all your Commercial documents attestation. The company has a team of attestation specialists who are well- acquainted with the process of all kind of attestation services. Apart from Commercial Document attestation, here you get to avail many other certified attestation services including, Embassy Attestation, MEA Attestation, Apostille, MOFA and much more. For any other information on Commercial Documents attestation services, feel free to contact us at services@embassydocuments.com

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