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Embassy Documents Attestation, Legalization, Authentication & Apostille Consultant in Delhi NCR, India

We are simply the best for document authentication, legalization, apostile services, and acting as Embassy Attestation Consultants based in Delhi NCR, India.

We are known for our excellent and precisely compiled personal documents along with time bound services to students, travellers, Job related documentation and Business houses for getting their Commercial documents be verified . We are working seamlessly since last 10 years with a qualified team of experienced retired professionals & Digitally expert youth, who have a long term experience in the field.

Being in the industry we are well aware that the document legalisation or verification process by various embassies or Ministries is quite a time bearing, patient and needs very good knowledge of it. This is the only reason, we provide maximum comfort to our clients by offering umbrella services for making the client stress free and enjoy his requirements, sitting comfortably at his home.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading experts in document authentication, legalization, apostille services and embassy attestations. We provide one of the most recognized attestation services all around Delhi NCR.

Our Team

Through our expert legal team, we ensure genuine attestation, legalization and safety of your documents

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to provide high quality services that conform to the industry best practices. Building & maintaining trust with our customers is our top priority.

Why Us

We believe in transparency of information and follow an inbound sales & marketing policy to ensure the best customer support for you. We guarantee Genuine Attestation & Safety of your documents.

Why opt for our services:
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MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the is the supreme body that authorises documents in India for the use of foreign studies or foreign employment.
MEA attestation can be done for all countries who are not in Hague convention. The MEA simply legalises the documents and does not take responsibility for the contents inside. MEA attestation is a rigid and long process but we can make it easier for you.

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MOFA Attestation

MOFA attestation is the last step in the Attestation process for the people going abroad for either studies or employment or even for permanent residency. Original document must be pre-authenticated by both HRD or HD and MEA in order to get MOFA Attestation. MOFA Certificate attestation can be done for Commercial, Educational and Personal Documents.

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HRD/HD Authentication

HRD Authentication means getting your certificates attested from the Ministry of Human Resource Development in Delhi. In several countries, HRD Certificate Attestation is required, which makes HRD Authentication Procedure necessary before you can get Apostille. HRD or Human Resource Development plays an integral part when looking for employment opportunities or for studies abroad. If you seek to work or study abroad, HRD authentication is necessary.

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The word 'Apostille' was derived from the Italian dialect which means 'to authenticate or certify'. The Apostille is a one-page long document which is imprinted with the Great Seal of the State along with the signature of the individual who is issuing the said certificate. It is the certifying of important documents, for their global use and in all the nations worldwide that are a part of the Apostille Section of Hague Convention.

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Legalisation of documents means ensuring your documents are suitable for use in foreign countries. Several steps are required to be taken to get the appropriate authorities to stamp and attest them.
The steps involved to get your documents legalised differs from one country to another and their agreement with India.

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Embassy Attestation

Documents originating from India for the use in other countries have to be legalized from their respective Embassies/consulates in India.
Only original documents which are duly authenticated by their respective State Home department or State Human Resource Department and Ministry of external Affairs in New Delhi, can be finally legalized by the respective Embassy.

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Chambers of Commerce Attestation

For a company to sell internationally, its commercial documents must be attested from the Chamber of Commerce. Export Documents like certificate of origin, packing list, commercial invoice or phytosanitary certificate need to be attested.
If your company is also opening a branch in a foreign company, power of attorney, memorandum of association and board resolution will also be required to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce. .

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VISA Assistance

Visa is a Latin word which means 'a paper which has been seen'. With globalization creating a borderless world, the desire for international travel has increased tremendously whether for leisure, business, work, study or even research programs. And all this begins with the filing of Visa application.

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Hello Asalamwalekum! I am from Dubai. I was looking for someone who can get my Commercial documents be attested from UAE Embassy in India. We Found on Internet and woww so amazing services. So fast and so economical. Got my documents back in a week at my desk. We didn't have to think about anything as they were so efficient in their services. Thank you so much!

Fahad Kadri, Dubai

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